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Sunday update

What happens when physics and the Internet combine? This. *snicker*

I've heard stories of people saying that their TiVo thinks they are gay and whatnot. I've laughed, mainly because I haven't had the experience. But I scrolled through the suggestions while reading this moring's paper, and there I see it. The surest sign that my TiVo has a computer virus or something. Based on the ratings for thinks that we watch, TiVo decided to record, as a recommendation for us, The Osbornes. Three thumbs down and a delete later... And after three thumbs downing Jerry Springer, Ricki Lake, and that ilk, I think we won't be having that problem again!

Oh, and othertim, you were right about HSX -- the first coupla million are the toughest. I'm now up to H$5.25 million, which is a marked change from where I was before. Only two items on my list currently that have lost money, and I'm holding those for loooong term (James Bond 21 and The Bosses Daughter, the later out of stubbornness...)

Can someone tell me what piles are in Mac OS X Panther is? I'd like to understand this joke...

Okay, back to laundry...