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Fluff entry

No meat on this entry (read: nothing relating to the weddings and honeymoon), but got some things to put up here so...

* TV Season Finales -- (No spoilers) Watched 24 and The West Wing. Looking forward to the next seasons of both, for different reasons. In the case of 24, they perfectly set up the third season. For TWW, the most fascinating thing will be how the cliff hanger is resolved without Mr. Sorkin writing it.

* 2003-2004 TV Season -- Gugh. NBC cancelled Mister Sterling, and Fox, in their infinite wisdom, cancelled John Doe. Those fricken bastards. JD reminded me a bit of Babylon 5, where there were great episodic episodes while continuing a story arc that was seemingly well thought out. The cliff hanger revealed a bit, and created a ton of other questions that will now not be answered. Them bastards... I'm still fearing NBC's version of Coupling, mainly because it is so rare for Americans to get Britcom humour. Time will tell, I suppose.

* Picture resizers -- Does anyone have a suggestion for an application that will do a batch job to resize pictures to a specified size? I thought Paint Shop Pro would, but it will only do it one at a time, and I got a lot of these things to do...

* "I am sex" icons -- Surprised that no one has put together an icon with Clara Peller or Tiny Tim yet. I'm just sayin'...

* Work -- It's very hard to be motivated to work after having been on vacation for a little over two weeks. Still, I'm here and thrust into this mess, so I'm making the best of it. Bleeech.