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Slighty wacked out today

My supervisor asked "Whatever became of this item?" (of which the item is irrelevant to this post), and my answer was thus:

It died a miserable, horrible death at the hands of the evil villian with the handlebar mustache that is known for tying people up to the train tracks just when a railroad train is approaching, only to be saved by the hero of the people, who has disturbingly quaffed hair and teeth that gleem and sparkle every time he smiles, complete with making that *ting* noise which, you have to admit, it a pretty spectacular feat to pull off, especially when one considers the time frame that is being discussed of the heroes and villians, since such technology as MP3 players, casette players, and even speakers was not present at the time.

Perhaps he won't ask next time. =)


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Jun. 10th, 2003 06:02 pm (UTC)
damn, that's one helluva run-on sentence!
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