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No, this doesn't relate to the latest drahma on LJ... As you might remember, I kinda went on a honeymoon last month where I wasn't net connected...

Well, after we came back, I did our finances, including checking our credit card charges. On my credit card, I saw a couple of charges on 5/18 that I didn't recognize -- iBill and RegNow. Actually, there was a third charge as well. I called the credit card, and they were able to tell me what the thrid charge was, and it was valid. These other two, however, they could not tell me what these charges were. They issued a temporary credit and asked both of these companies to provide information regarding the charges. They would then forward that info to me for validation.

Today, I got the information on the RegNow charge. WRONG WRONG WRONG! It was a charge for software from those annoying as hell Evidence Eliminator people (that's a rant for another day). There was now way in Hades that I would ever buy from these people, and surely wouldn't do this while on my honeymoon! The phone number listed was so totally wrong, and the home address had the street name misspelled. So now I'm convinced that I've been frauded.

Another call to the credit card company... Got put through to the Fraud Department and they start looking at things right there. They are going to bounce the RegNow charge with no problem. She asked about the iBill, and I said I had no information about it. She qucikly mentioned that it was a pornography billing site, so she's obviously dealt with them before. Needless to say, that charge will be bounced as well. There was also an attempt to use 2checkout.com twice, but there wasn't enough information and the charge never went through. My whole account has been cancelled, and a new card is being issued. She gave me explicit instructions NOT to pay my bill until I get the new information. If any finance charges are incurred, they will reverse them due to this fraud.

Of course, I'm still pissed, but it was nice that there were basically no questions asked about my problem with the credit card company. So now, the next step was to call the credting agencies to put a fraud alert on my account. I started with Equifax. Wow. When you report a fraud through their automated system, they not only add the fraud alert to their database, but tell Experian and TransUnion. On top of that, they send a copy of all three companies credit reports within 10 days free of charge, along with special 800 numbers for disputing anything that appears on them. In my time of need, they have come through with flying colors. I don't know if the others do this as well, but I'm impressed.

Anyway, tomorrow I contact my credit unions as well as my other credit card to get a fraud alert put on them. I'm debating whether I should call the local PD just to get a police report, since the problem seems to be localized to one credit card ... so far ... eeps?
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