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Out on the Weekend

I get pretty amazed when I come to work to get away from my weekend...

Saturday, Jen's aunt and uncle from up north came to visit. They literally were in the area and stopped by to see us/the house. So we did the whole house tour thing, had lunch, and talked for a while. I was pleasantly surprised by them. Not more than three minutes after they left, Jen's mother and another aunt walked in the door. They were visiting their aunt (Jen's great-aunt) over in La Verne and were staying the night with us, but showed up early. So we talked for a spell and they took us to dinner. blah blah blah blah... the night came to a close.

Sunday, the mother and aunt were gone -- left at 5:30 am to start driving to Santa Barbara and then to parts north. I got up at 7:30-ish to start the yardwork. Jen, however, stayed in bed. grr.... Mowed the yard, trimmed the ivy, and decided that Jen needed to help. =) So she came out and cleaned up behind me as I was trimming the ivy as well as some bushes that our neighbor behind us had, which were growing over the wall. Meanwhile, it's getting warmer.... and warmer.... Finally finished this crud and went inside for a well deserved shower. Laid down on the bed and relaxed. Finally got up about 11:45 and got breakfast over at Zeke's. Came back and putzed around the house the rest of the day.

Oof. I'm done with family committments for at least one more weekend, I hope! =)