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Poll results

The results are in for the occasional "Rialtus wants to know" poll I did last week. Here are your answers:

Debbie Gibson or Tiffany?
Debbie Gibson: 14 (70%)
Tiffany: 6 (30%)

Why? These were the answers, alphabetized to protect your comments. (Note, I changed one from a person's name to "my SO" to hide the identity...)

Debbie Gibson

  • A friend met her and said she was cool.

  • Because "Debbie Gibson" is my SO's mother's name. :-) and Tiffany is my SO's sister, FWIW.

  • Better voice, wrote her own songs.

  • Ever since watching the 1987(?) episodes of I Love the 80s I've had nightmares about this choice...it IS like choosing between your two children

  • Foolish Beat. Duh.

  • I dunno, I just do. IS THAT SO WRONG!?

  • I interviewed Gibson a few years ago and she was nice. Tiffany's "Could've Been" was used at the funeral for a friend's daughter so I can't hear it without crying.

  • I just remember her better

  • I like blondes

  • Less of a mallrat

  • She never butchered a beatles song, and she's really hot.

  • She's not a mall floozy.

  • Talent. Debbie has it. Tiffany does not.

  • Uhh....'cause I said so


  • I dig red heads/brunettes.

  • No reason, since I know little about either. It was random.

  • She posed nude. ;P

  • Show those boobs!

  • What you haven't seen the E! Promos for Stardates? :-D & besides i'd rather have her than the one stalked by Falkner

I find it interesting that most of the pro comments with Tiffany are basically about looks, specifically about things that were done recently like her Playboy shoot or Star Dates.

Moving on...
The Far Side or Get Fuzzy?
The Far Side: 15 (71.4%)
Get Fuzzy: 6 (28.6%)

Defend thyself! (alphabetically, of course)
The Far Side

  • A classic

  • Because Gary Larsen rules the school

  • classics can't be beat, although GF funny too

  • Far Side=always brillant. Fuzzy=usually stupid, occasionally witty

  • Gary Larson r00lz j00.

  • Get Fuzzy is, like, unfunny.

  • I don't know Get Fuzzy.

  • It's humor was subtle and refined.

  • It's tougher to be funny in a single panel than it is to be funny in a strip. You can't go wrong either way, though.

  • I've heard of the far side

  • Knew when to quit, but Fuzzy's Liz Cho bit was fun

  • Lookout ahead......LOOKOUT!

  • "Something Tells Me This Is Only Half-Baked"

Get Fuzzy

  • Although I love both, I like Get Fuzzy's sarcasm more.

  • Come on. "Get fuzzy"...the name alone is worth my vote

  • Dude, Buckey's hysterical!!!

  • Get Fuzzy is the most innovative cartoon. Although there are often creative Far Sides...

  • I know so many cats just like Bucky... And Darby's sense of humor is fabulous.

  • Satchel -- 'nuff said

And now the serious part of the poll...
Ficiton or non-fiction?
Fiction: 8 (38.1%)
Non-Fiction: 13 (61.9%)

In 255 characters or less, why? Yes, alphabetized...

  • Always good to stretch the imagination with a good fiction story

  • Because fiction can bend the reader to possibilities of the future and not just the past.

  • Fact doesn't cut it for me.

  • I enjoy reading what someone was able to create from their own mind

  • I get enough reality from life.

  • I read to escape from reality. Non-fiction just doesn't cut it.

  • Real life sucks. And when I need an escape from real life, I don't want to go to a book...ABOUT real life


  • 741.159
  • [Editor's note: ROTFL!]
  • Because Fiction is so fake

  • Because my high school education sucked out my imagination.

  • Because truth is always stranger than fiction. And makes for a better story, too.

  • I just never really have been into fiction much. I can't really say why, except "Why not?"

  • I like seeing facts 'n stuff.

  • I prefer political writing to made up stories. lol

  • I'm a sucker for biographies

  • It's more realistic.

  • Life is non-fiction.

  • Real life is wacko enuf, thanks!

  • Reality is real and stuff... Stop asking these difficult questions!

  • This was close, but I give the nod to non-fic because it's the only way to really learn about stuff since the rest of the media went bad.

And so there you have it. Thanks all for answering. I'll put up another one of these sometime later on... Oh, and yay for a random person answering the poll too!