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My views

I was going to make this a filtered post, and decided not to because I'm going to use my journal for what I want it to be. Comments will be screened, because it's my journal and I want it that way. If you want to have a conversation about this that isn't screened, do it in your own journal. =) And now, a cut tag.

As many of you know, there has been an on-going feud between two people that many of my friends have on their friends list over the topic of homosexuality. Each is continuing to goad the other. Both sides have degenerated to nothing more than name calling, and more people are getting dragged into it. Others are encouraging the name calling and goading.

Now, I've always heard that there are two things that you never discuss -- religion and politics. I've expanded that list, I think, to anything where there is no factual answers and where the only thing that can be discussed is opinions and beliefs. This expands the list incredibly -- homosexuality, abortion, stem cell research ... you get my drift. Because of my own personal belief in not rocking the boat, I tend to not discuss these types of matters openly even though I may or may not have feelings about the subject. I read what other people say, and some of it makes my blood boil. I read what other people say, and some of it makes me smile.

I accept people's right to have an opinion. I accept people's right to express that opinion. I do not accept viciously attacking others for having an opinion that differs from their own. People that are like that, I don't need to be around. People that encourage the vicious attacks on others, I don't need to be around. And I say this regardless of topic, and regardless of my agreement or disagreement with the opinion. I do believe that people can be civil. If people are not, then I avoid the person to protect myself from any incident of pain.

I have and will continue to change my friends list and my offline friends because of this. Cruelty does not have a place in my world. If you disagree, that's actually fine. To paraphrase fictional character Dan Rydell, opinions are not immoral. However (and this is back to me speaking, not Dan Rydell), actions resulting from opinions could be immoral. We all have our choices to make in this life. I have chosen mine.

Side note, and not at all related -- we have grass.


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Aug. 1st, 2003 04:57 am (UTC)
I totally agree with you there! I can't stand it when people attack others for their beliefs. What ever happened to respect? I may not agree with someone on their stance on a topic, but I certainly am not about to berate them for their beliefs. I think that respect has gotten lost somewhere along the way. :-(

Thanks for sharing.
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