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It has been recently announced that the original plans for the terrorists attack in September 2001 was to have 10 planes attack -- five on the east coast, and five on the west coast. This scares the crap out me. Why? I think of what targets would be on the west coast that could have a place slammed into it. Something in Oregon or Washington? Can't see something that would have the same impact at World Trade Center. Golden Gate Bridge. Fine, that hits a symbolic symbol, and there will be some distruption in people's lifes. Would it be the same impact at the World Trade Center? I don't think so.

Library Tower / downtown Los Angeles.

Oh fuck.

Now let me explain why I'm worried. Library Tower is at 633 West Fifth Street. I work at the Gas Company Tower, which is at 555 West Fifth Street. You want to see how close I am to that big building? Look at this picture. The round building is Library Tower. The building I work is in the forefront. We're talking one block away folks. I take the public commuter train into LA. If something were to happen to that building a la 9/11, I'm fucked. Hell, I'm praying just to get out alive at that point, much less trying to get home some 45 miles away. It's a sobering thought. In a heartbeat, someone trying to make a political statement can take away everything -- my work, my friends, ... my life.

I can't let that happen without something.... I don't know. I think treat every person with respect until they give me reason not to. I do not discriminate -- race, nationality, gender, sexual preferences, religion ... nothing. I try to live my life as an example to others in that regards. I don't impose my thoughts upon others on these topics. But none of that would make a difference.

So I'm going to make a difference. This upcoming year, I am donating my time for the Upland MS Walk. I will be collecting donations and walking in the Redlands MS Walk. I am looking into a few volunteer organizations in my area that I can help with. I encourage everyone else to do something... anything. Give blood. Help yourself. Help others. Be good humans.

This world of ours can't take the pain of our lifes.


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Sep. 23rd, 2003 10:16 pm (UTC)
Carl, you're alive!!! I was about to send out an APB on you!!

Anyway, I try not to dwell on the possibility of another attack; to do so would equal a win for the terrorists. I know downtown LA well and am aware of how close you are to the Library Tower. You are right; that would be a very, very bad day for you.

Have fun on the Redlands MS walk. You may know my mother has that, and it's not fun for her at all. I probably won't get back to Redlands until at least next Spring, though--otherwise I'd love to help.
Sep. 24th, 2003 09:18 am (UTC)
The Redlands MS Walk is typically in early to mid-April, and the Upland MS Walk is usually late March-early April (but never the same weekend). So who knows... =)
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