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Work crud

I'm praying for jury duty on October 15.

My team lead for Citrix is apparently thinking that I know everything there is to know, and do no other work than his. He threw me a project install last week without asking what my work load was, never told me how to actually do the work, and expects me to know all of these unwritten things that he knows. Oh, and he didn't even have the balls to tell me about this himself, and insists that I work with someone else to address "my problems", which I seem to hit every step along the way. What probably would take about 30 minutes if I knew what I was doing has already taken four days, and I'm barely 30% complete due to the many, multiple issues that are occurring. On top of all that, the client is pissed because this was promised to him Monday, and there is all of my other work that I'm trying to do at the same time, including covering for a sick team mate of mine.

I really need a vacation. Since I can't, I'll settle for jury duty. Please pick me....