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There are two major fires in the localish area -- one in the Rancho Cucamonga area called the Grand Prix Fire, and one it San Bernardino called the Old Fire. (link)

First, Jen and I are okay. The Grand Prix Fire is the closest to us -- about 15 miles away. (link) Since Friday, we've been getting ash all around the house from the fire. (link -- ash in crack of sidewalk - 90k) The lighting around the IE has been in permanent sephia mode because the sunlight is coming in through the dense smoke, casting an eerie light. Also, Friday morning some friends (Jen's co-worker) that live in northen Rancho Cucamonga were evacuated early Friday morning. They are okay, as is their house (so far as we know).

Today, is worse. First, the Old Fire started in San Bernardino, which has already destroyed 50 homes. The smoke from the Grand Prix Fire has gotten worse around here, to the point where it is literally raining ash. (link -- the morning paper with ash around it -- 115k) The temperature is about 10-15 degrees cooler than other areas because the sun can not break through. When going outside, the smoke accosts you immediately, hurting lungs, eyes, and throats. (link -- the sun in the sky at noon -- 5k) You can look to the eat and see blue skys. You can look west, and it looks like a rain storm that is actually smoke. A friend of mine came over today, and four hours later, his car was covered in ash. (link)

And these are both suspected to be arson.

This is going to continue for a few days yet. It now dark, so the water dropping helecopters can no longer be used. Unfortunately, the winds pick up as well, which spead the fires even more. UPDATE: There is now the Val Verde fire, which is up near Magic Mountain. It's jumped the 126 and is approaching the 118.

Keep the firefighters in your thoughts, as well as those who have already lost their homes.
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