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Manic Monday

(Sorry if this multi-posts -- either LJ is acting up or my access to LJ is acting up)

The LA Times has a fairly cool map of the fire areas, as of last night at 11 pm. You'll need Adobe Acrobat to view this. (link) I guess my drawing of the Grand Prix and Old Fires wasn't that far off... There is also a satellite picture from NASA that shows the fires. (link - 770k)

One employee at work has confirmed to have lost here home. My boss now doesn't know whether she's lost her home or not. The firemen said that the last two or three houses on her street were lost, and hers is/was the third house. They are in a waiting game and I don't envy them.

solcita and spacecadetjen, this is why you make sure you get fire insurance on your new homes. (Congrats to both of you, btw!)

Our company is doing something really cool, amid all of this. They have made arrangements with about ten hotels spread throughout the fire affected regions to accept employees who have been evacuated, free of charge to the employee. I hope to never use a service like this, but it makes me feel good that they are doing it.

I'm so tired of these fires. I want them to stop. Now. Now, you hear me? *sigh*


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Oct. 27th, 2003 03:27 pm (UTC)
Oh believe me.. that was one of the first things I did! :-)

Thanks for the congrats.. it's been just thrilling!
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