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Seven Day Weekend

I said I'd mention (ouch) my weekend. On Saturday, Jen and I went to help one of her sorority sisters move houses. (ouch) Started at 7:30ish am in the morning. Had a small produce truck, a Ford Expedition, some small Saturn, and my new Honda Civic (ouch) to move in. Oh, did I mention that most of the boxes were already moved and the only thing really left to move was her furniture? (ouch) Oh, and most of the furniture was antique, which means real wood. (ouch) And the house that she was moving in is two story (ouch) with most of the furtniture needing to go upstairs (ouch)? And that the stairs were all quite steep? And there was only one small platform before the stairs did a 180?

All I can say is (ouch). We left there at 11 pm that night. Went to sleep and woke up at 11 am the next morning and pretty much wrote off Sunday.

I did end up buying my dad's 2001 Honda Civic, btw. Nice car, but too damned small. I already miss my 94 Accord, which Jen will be learning to drive (manual trannie which she doesn't know how to drive yet...) We'll probably sell her 92 Accord. Then, after the Civic is paid off, we'll probably buy another Accord that I get to drive. Happy happy!!!!