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Mish mash o' stuph

Classic Calvin and Hobbes: (link) God I miss that strip...

I took Jen back to the hospital today. She hardly slept last night because she was coughing so much, which then gave her an effective migrane headache. Doc gave her something else for the cough, and she is better. However, we're not going to go out tomorrow, which was to be our Christmas gift from her parents. I asked Jen if it was what I thought it was, and it was -- tickets to The Producers with Martin Short and Jason Alexander. *sigh* Her health, though, is much more important than a show. Still... I can't say I'm not disappointed.

Oh, Boston's 'Big Dig' Project Hits Milestone. Having seen the hassle that this was when we were there in May, I can personally attest that this is very much a "good thing".

In other news, the SoCal grocery strike is still going on, with talks collapsing again. Talks are not expected to resume until next year. Having had to cross the Albertson's "picket line" to get something in particular for my sickly wife, I just can't care much anymore. The quotes, btw, are because there were a total of three people there. Two were sitting there talking without even holding a picket (they were leaned against the chairs). The other person just stood there, leaning against his picket sign, and glared at everyone as they went by.