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A SAN should not go out in the middle of the night strictly because one hard drive failed. The whole point of purchasing something like a SAN is there is redundancy so people don't have to be called out at 2 am to address a server outage caused by a SAN faliure.

Gugh. I'm so tired now. I wish I could fall asleep within a minute like my wife can...


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Dec. 22nd, 2003 09:23 am (UTC)
Our f'in SAN does the same thing. And it's even more fun when we lose one disk, only to find out that the hot spare refuses to kick in, and then causes the entire RAID-5 volume to go kaput, which in turn corrupts the stripe we have going across RAID controllers, thereby knocking out every byte of data on the "highly redundant and reliable" SAN. Yes, good times.

I hate computers.
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