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The Visitors

So last Thursday, I tried to print out a rather large print job at work to the Xerox Document Centre. Thing wouldn't print. The fuser was worn out, and the paper was jamming there. Called our onsite Xerox support center, and they were going to dispatch someone. Guy shows up on Monday and says that the main motor needed replacing, the duplex mechanism was worn, etc. Basically, everything was broken EXCEPT what I called in for. But dude assured me that the thing would be up and running as soon as he got the parts.

The parts finally came in yesterday, and everything was put in. I tired today to print another large job to it and ... you guessed it -- paper jam in the fuser area. Placed another call into the Xerox support center, who was amazed that this was still going on. Another tech comes out, looks at the problem, and says "Fuser needs to be replaced." Duh! She's going to do the work Monday and verify with me that it works.

My point in all this -- why the smeg can't people do what they are supposed to do? We are under contract with Xerox, so the first service call didn't even result in Xerox getting more money. I had done all the diagnosis before the dude even came out. He dinked around with all this other crud, and walked away without fixing the problem. Fricken' moron. How can we as a people allow this kind of incompetence to continue unabated? Grrrrr.....

Sorry I'm venting. I'm just now in a very pissy mood, and want to go home.

P.S. I'd love to have someone figure out the subject line in relation to this post. Hint: It, like all the other subject lines of late, is a song.