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So this is Christmas

I can hear your thoughts from a time-warp delay in the ether. You are thinking to yourself, "Self, has Carl flipped his lid? It is most definitely after Christmas, so why is he making a post titled So this is Christmas?" Funny how I was able to do that, huh?

Well, because Jen was feeling so miserably sick earlier this week, we as a family (her parents, my parents, and us) decided topostpone Christmas until today in hopes that she'd be feeling better. She actually was feeling quite a bit better come 12/25, but we stuck with this plan anyway so that we could do it right. (which is to say that we had time to clean the joint up). So everyone will be over this afternoon for joyousness and ham. As it turns out, it's a beautiful day today, versus the flooding rains that we got on 12/25 so it works out better in the end.


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Dec. 27th, 2003 01:28 pm (UTC)
Yay ham! :D

I'm glad to hear your wife is feeling better!
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