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I asked some days ago about a trademark that I could use... I expected something akin to Carol Burnett's yanking her ear off or "I'm So Glad We had This Time Together"...

What I got ... well... see fer yerselves...

carboncpy -- "Frankly, it offends."
*snicker* I can only assume this is the last of my quote which goes something like "It was bad. It was really bad. Frankly, it offends."

jiggery_pokery -- The name!
Yeah... there is that, but it's a little weird for real life. I remember meeting Aaron Solomon for the first time and actually hearing someone calling me Rialtus. Very bizarre...

hmtriplecrown -- Does Jen count?
I should hope so, considering she teaches kids how to multiply and divide.

missingdonut -- rialtus.trademark = "TRUE" (too geeky?)
But... I think Budweiser already is using that one, and I don't want to get into legal issues. =)

So I'm at work today, figuring to catch up on things and hit the ground running on Monday. There was a pretty major accident on the corner, where a MTA bus coming down Bunker Hill in the rain clipped the back end of a SBC truck that was parked. Bus spun out, hitting a light standard, which fell and knocked someone on the head. She was rushed off in an ambulance. Ninety minutes or so later, everyone is gone, but the light standard is still laying on the sidewalk. Hell of a way to start the new year... =(

I need more icons. Don't know what I need, but more is good.


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Jan. 2nd, 2004 09:44 pm (UTC)
Yeah, it was a quote of yours. It was from the time you and Randy went to see the Mark Wahlberg Pyramid pilot.

I've come to associate you with those three words, as well as "What, like a cancer? A mole?"

...Or was that last one one of Randy's?
Jan. 2nd, 2004 10:23 pm (UTC)
The driver must have been transferred from MUNI. MUNI drivers are not known for their driving skills. :-/

While I was on the samTrans 490 today, the bus went past the aftermath of an accident; a car driver had tried to swerve right to avoid stopped traffic, and ended up on the sidewalk, where the car knocked over a bunch of newspaper boxes. The papers were scattered all over the intersection, wet and damp from the rain. Weird.

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