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Burning down the house

Sorry I've been negligent in posting here. Been too busy posting into everyone else's journals to put anything here, I guess.

So last night, right before we were going out Monday night, Jen announces to me that the shower upstairs is leaking through downstairs. She came down from her shower Monday morning, and there was a puddle downstairs right where the shower is upstairs. eeeerg. So today I called my dad, just to get his opinion on what what I should do. That resulted in a call to my home owner's insurance agent, who basically told me that the cost of fixing the actual plumbing isn't covered, but the damage caused by the plumbing is. Oh, and if I file a claim, I lose my 33% discount on my premium that I get for not having claims within the last three years. (I don't understand that, since I've only had the house 1.5 years, but anyway...)

I talked with Kelvin at work, who had a similar incident happen to him. Said that the drywalling, anti-fungal, and painting was very expensive, and it'd be worth the money to have the insurance people deal with it. *sigh* I don't know. I put a call into the agent to see if they'll give me a name of a contractor that I can call and get an estimate. If it's too much, I'll vent it through insurance (with the same dude.) If not, I'll take it out of pocket.

Couldn't have come at a worse time. Money is a bit tight right now, due to buying dad's car, downpayment for the wedding, work on Jen's car, etc. I'll have to dip into savings, which means that the landscaping for the back yard won't be happening this year and/or no lasik for me prior to the wedding. I was really looking forward to having these done, but I guess next year... or the year after... *sigh*

And damn you Jay Lewis for making me come up with 100 more items! =)