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No time to talk -- READ THIS!

-----Original Message-----
From: psp2@trendmicro.com [mailto:psp2@trendmicro.com]
Sent: Monday, January 26, 2004 1:52 PM

*** This email is automatically generated by the PSP 5.0 system. ***

Dear Premium Support Customer,

This is an announcement/message from your TAM through PSP 5.0 system

Dear Everyone,

We received reports of a spreading malware sample and we detect it as WORM_MIMAIL.R.

TrendLabs has received reports of a new worm that is spreading via email.

The worm is a purported variant of the MIMAIL worm and will be detected as WORM_MIMAIL.R, and that is capable of generating random email subjects, bodies and attachment file names.

The worm also has backdoor capabilities.

TrendLabs is currently working for a more detailed analysis of the worm.

EPS deliverables:
TMCM Outbreak Prevention Policy 73 - ETA 30 mins.
Official Pattern Release 743 - ETA 1 hour
Damage Cleanup Template version 245 - currently being processed
- ETA 2 hours

For additional information, please visit our red alert site (VOICS): http://redalert.trendmicro.com

We will give you an update on deliverables soon.

Please send us infection reports.
This has been declared by Oscar Chang as YELLOW ALERT!

Thank you,
Maxheimer, James