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Virus from Slashdot perspective...

Once the info about the DDOS against www.sco.com came out...

  • Finally, a worthwhile virus!!

  • Is there a Linux port yet???

  • Check your email...I sent it to you (a couple... hundred... times).

  • I think I'm going to re-install Win98 on all my machines.. They have been Microsoft-free for the last couple of years, but this virus really is a killer app

  • *Now* you tell me, I'd have kept the damn thing if I'd known (joke)! I've just finished updating by Virus signatures after a copy of this sucker slipped by the set I only got this morning.

  • i just got the patch off of kazaa... sweet jesus, just in the knick of time. *whew* i was scared there for a ss.....[NO CARRIER]

  • "Second, it can perform a denial-of-service against www.sco.com" Will this be the first virus I willingly load on my machine? No, it'll be the second. You have to load Windows first.

Let me get this straight:
1) It has a simple text message plus a binary payload attachment.
2) It uses no M$ exploits (patched or unpatched) to install itself.
3) It depends on someone opening the attachment to start an infection.

And after all this time, people are still clicking on binary attachments? Great googly moogly. At least this sucker is only 20-40K. I'm sick of the 140-160K ones swamping my hotmail account. This one will barely be an annoyance.

To quote Evil Willow Rosenberg: "Bored now."
First you save the attachment.

Then you unzip it.

Then you execute it.

Why do the virus writers even bother writing code? If people are willing to do all that, it sounds like the next virus will consist solely of the text:

"Pick a friend at random. Go over to his house and bash his computer with a sledge hammer."