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What a difference a day makes...

Update on the house: Talked to someone else at my insurance agent's place. Seems the 33% discount for no claims went into effect June 1, and would have shown up on my NEXT bill. So if I filed a claim, I would lose the opportunity of a discount. Whatever. For $500, I just want this taken care of. So I filed a claim. Got an adjuster, who wanted me to hire a leak detector company to determine the cause of the leak. Leak detection companies.... who knew? Anyway, he came out yesterday and determined that my leak was caused by the tub spout, which needs to be replaced. The insurance doesn't cover plumbing, so that is my out of pocket expense, and will probably be about $250. The adjuster is going to be out today to look at the actual damage. *shrug* I keep telling myself that this is one of the joys of home ownership..... maybe I'll start believing that soon. But this means I'll be missing Comic-Con this weekend. =(

I never realized, until gaby723 mentioned it in her journal, that there were other clients for LiveJournal. I've been using the "official" client, where I had to hand-code things like the lj user code and lj cuts. So I downloaded Semagic. Wowzee wow wow. What a difference. I think I'm going to like these digs.

Besides that... well, not too much going on. Was supposed to have an all-day meeting down in San Clemente today, but there was a horrible accident on the I-5 between a tanker truck carrying tar and another big rig. The second rig burned down, and there is lots of tar on the ground. And, since the I-5 is the major conduit between San Diego and parts north, our southern contingent couldn't easily make it to the meeting. Meeting got cancelled. Now, I have all day to do things that I should be doing instead of having meetings. Wheeeeee.....

Oh, and I'm so glad I don't own AOL stock. Sheesch...


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Aug. 1st, 2002 01:09 pm (UTC)
That semagic is a wonderful thing - I too was just using the one on the live journal page but now I have semagic. Plus, that blinking red pencil is the coolest. :)

Now, thanks to you, I have a song in my head (albeit a good one)..

"Step by step, one by one.....higher and higher...step by step, rung by rung...climbing Jacob's Ladder"
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