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Getting old

My dad was at the hospital yesterday for double hernia surgery. Ouch. He's doing a lot better today, though there is still pain from the surgery (expected). It's a bit scary to think about your parents getting old and needing surgery to fix things. My mom was diagnosed with MS back in the late 80's, and I've sadly gotten somewhat used to her inability to heal quickly. She visits doctors several times a month due to one thing or another. My dad, however, has been relatively good health wise. He's a klutz and breaks thing -- like shattering his ankle by falling off a ladder onto a cement floor -- but those surgeries are not directly "health issues".

Yesterday, I had both parents in wheelchairs leaving the hospital -- Mom because of the distance, coupled with the MS, would poop her out, and Dad because of the surgery. In years to come, I might have to address this more and more, especially with mom's disease. That's one of the reasons, when looking for a house, I made sure there was a downstairs bedroom...

And that's just *my* parents. While Jen's parents are around the same age and relatively healthy, what's to say that one of them could take ill and need care as well? *sigh*

Of course, what happens to Jen and I when we get old? We're not planning on kids. Our parents will be gone. She's an only child, and I practically am.* The only young'un we've got is my nephew, who is "only" 15 years younger than Jen.

Quoteth Marvin: "Oh God I'm so depressed."

* - Yes, I have an older sister, but we have issues. Go back to 11/1/2002 to see what I think of her.
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